Woodland Creatures Forest School Craft

Easy and cute fox and deer craft made from wood rounds. Perfect for an elementary school or homeschool lesson on forests and woodlands.

This woodland creatures craft project made from wood rounds is adorable and a great way to compliment your lessons on forests and nature.

Super cute and easy for kindergarten and lower elementary!

Or, you know, a 40-year-old with kid-like craft skills . . .

Woodland creatures craft.

Expensive, kit-based versions of this craft inspired me to create our own from scratch for much cheaper.

I love the idea, but I wanted to do it for my homeschool co-op and with 10 kids enrolled in my craft class, it would have added up to almost $100 to get them each one.

After a little research, I figured out we could create our own for less than $10 for the whole class.

That’s a lot more affordable!

We did this as part of a larger lesson on nature, the woodlands, and deciduous forests, but you can tack it on to a lesson about autumn or trees or mammals.

(See the end of this post for more ideas).

I found this to be relatively easy for little ones, but if your child doesn’t have scissor skills yet, you can precut the ears.

Also, you can speed drying time in between coats by using a hairdryer–this really makes a huge difference!

Or, simply stretch the craft out over several days to get a little bit more mileage out of this project.

Things You Will Need

Everything here is available at just about any craft store, or might even be laying around your house already.

(Please note, this list contains affiliate links for your convenience)

wood rounds


-acrylic paint



Step 1

Easy deer craft.

Paint the lightest color first.  We used a cream color for the fox and a light brown for the deer.

Either allow the first coat to air dry, or speed drying by using a blow dryer.

Then, draw an outline of the upper face with a pencil and fill in with a contrasting color as shown above.

Step 2

Once the layer of contrasting color dries completely, fill in the details (eyes, nose and mouth).

For the deer, we also added little white spots.




Easy fox craft for kindergarten or lower elementary. Or, let's be honest, anyone over 40.

Step 3

How to make a fox with wood rounds. Perfect for forest schooling!

Make the ears.

From cardstock cut 2 larger triangles and 2 smaller ones.  Paint the larger ones in the same contrasting color you used on the head (in this case, orange for the fox, and dark brown for the deer).

Paint the smaller triangles a lighter color of your choice.

Once completely dry, glue the smaller triangles onto the larger ones as seen above.

Step 4

Woodland creatures craft with wood rounds.

Allow the ears to dry completely.

Finally, glue the bottom portion of the ears to the back of the wood round.

And there you have it!  I told you this one was easy!

Lesson ideas to compliment this craft.

Compliment this clever woodland creatures craft with any of the following ideas.

-Go for a nature walk and try your hand at tree identification.

-Look up folklore about foxes!  These wily creatures have a reputation for being both clever and deceitful.  

-Learn the difference between carnivores and herbivores.  Which one is your creature?

DIY Woodland Creatures craft for kids.

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