2022 Savannah, Georgia Worldschooling Travel Guide

Planning a traditional family road trip down South? Savannah, Georgia is a must stop.

From Ghost tours to trolly rides & vintage trains, Savannah, Georgia, is a must-stop for the worldschooling family on a Southern American history & culture tour.

We spent 4 days worldschooling in Savannah.

With oak tree-lined streets that drip dreamily with Spanish moss, the smell of fresh barbecue, and the color-splashed walls of the Starland District, this destination is a Southern favorite for a reason.

Things to Do in Savannah, Georgia with kids.

Below, I focused on educational activities.  I included some classic, must-sees, plus a few hidden gems not typically found on the usual lists at tour centers or on Trip Advisor.

First up, a hidden gem.

Savannah, Georgia Children’s Theater

Savannah Children's Theater is a hidden gem for kids in Savannah, Georgia

I was shocked not to find this amazing hidden gem for kids on any of the main recommended lists for things to do with kids in Savannah, Georgia.

I wouldn’t have known about the Savannah Children’s Theater myself were it not for dumb luck.  We passed it on the way to another historical site and I was like “OMG STOP THE CAR!!”

It was far more amazing on the inside than one might expect to find it given its location in an otherwise nondescript strip mall.

After a brief conversation with the artistic director, Kelly, it became immediately clear that I needed to add this one to our must-see list.

With classes and productions for kids of all ages, it’s definitely worth checking the schedule to see if there’s an event while you’re in town.

Low Country, Kid-Friendly Cuisine

Low country cooking in Savannah, Georgia

Southern low-country cooking offers more kid-friendly options than most local kitchens.

From sweet barbecue to hush puppies, you have a good shot at getting kids to try something new.

Unfortunately, finding parking downtown on a weekend at dinner time is a tough challenge.  And if you’re juggling car seats and strollers with your younger littles, it’s a recipe for disaster.

But the outskirts of town offer a number of options.

For us, both Sweet Potatoes Restaurant and Erica Davis’ Low Country offered the best of both worlds—-authentic, local food with plenty of parking and an atmosphere that was casual enough to be kid-friendly.

Bonaventure Cemetary

The otherworldly beauty of Bonaventure Cemetary in Savannah, Georgia.

You cannot go to Savannah, Georgia without making a stop to take a walk in the otherworldly beauty of Bonaventure Cemetery.

The drearier and more overcast the day, the more atmospheric the experience!

While wandering around a cemetery may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of travel fun, this one is different.

Covered in Spanish moss with acres of stunning statuary and long, maze-like paths, it’s a great place to get lost and quietly contemplate the rich history of this beautiful city.

Take the opportunity to talk about some of the lesser-known aspects of Savannah’s diverse history.

For example, the surprising abundance of gravestones engraved in Hebrew is a vivid reminder of Savannah’s Jewish population and its history with that community.

Ghost Tours

Savannah's Visitor Center is a great place to book a tour.

My hands-down favorite way to learn about American history is by way of a good, old-fashioned ghost tour.

I’ve taken ghost tours all over the country, and they never fail to delight children with their charming folklore and spooky tales.

Of course, they aren’t always the most historically accurate and are usually meant to be more fun than scholarly, but they do offer a unique glimpse into the local culture.

My favorite company in Savannah is Hearse Ghost Tours, and yes, they do drive you around in an actual vintage hearse.

A Night at the Theater

Historic Savannah Theater is one of the oldest movie theaters in the country.

The Historic Savannah Theater isn’t just a night at the movies.

It’s a classic piece of Americana.

One of the oldest theaters in the country still in operation, they offer both live performances and movies.

Most of the shows (at least while we were there) weren’t really appropriate for littles or lower elementary, but drop your high school homeschooling students off for a show and ask them to come back with some facts about the theater’s history.

All they need do is ask the staff because they’re all super friendly and knowledgeable!

The Train Museum

Kids love exploring Savannah’s Georgia State Railroad Museum.

The open layout allows them to roam freely to look at the old train cars.  It even has one you can climb into and look at from the inside and even one where you can look at the conductor’s engine up close.

Bonus?  It’s right next to the Children’s Museum.

A fantastic way to spend the day outdoors.

From low-country cooking to iconic landmarks, Savannah, Georgia is the perfect place to teach kids about Southern American history on your worldschooling journey.

A cross-country worldschooling experience wouldn't be complete without this classic destination for Southern history and culture.

Planning a trip to Savannah, Georgia? Discover these magical hidden gems.

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