8 Worldschooling Books to Inspire Your Family’s Adventure

Check out these 5 worldschooling books (or worldschooling adjacent, anyway!) if you’re looking for a little inspiration to jump-start your worldschooling adventure.  

Whether you’re planning your journey of a lifetime, or you’re already on it, nomadic family life can feel intimidating, overwhelming, and sometimes, even a little lonely.

There’s nothing like a good book by someone else who has taken the road less traveled to make you feel like you’re not walking it alone!

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Wonder Year:  Guide to Long-Term Family Travel & Worldschooling

Wonder Year:  Guide to Long-Term Family Travel & Worldschooling isn’t just a general family travel book, but a crash course in every aspect of worldschooling.

Part practical guide, part multi-authored memoir, this book is the perfect read for would-be worldschoolers who think they can’t.  The authors are here to tell you, you can. 

Living the Van Life

Living the Van Life by Noami Grevenberg (and other inspiring books for digital nomads/worldschooling families!)

Single parents, worldschooling is not just for the nuclear family.

Living the Van Life by Noami Grevemberg isn’t specifically about nomadic families, but it’s a great guide for a single parent interested in taking her favorite travel buddy on a long-term road trip.

Give Your Child The World

"Give Your Child the World" and other worldschooling books to inspire your family's adventure of a lifetime.

Give Your Child the World:  Raising Globally-Minded Kids One Book at a Time by Jamie Martin

It is ideal for part-time worldschoolers who want to round out their child’s global education with a rich, mindfully-curated selection of suggested reading, or as an enriching companion while on the road.

The Everything Guide to Remote Work

The Everything Guide to Remote Work by Jill Duffy (and other inspiring books for aspiring digital nomads!)

“But wait!  How will we support ourselves?”  This is, perhaps, the most common question worldschooling-curious parents ask themselves.

The Everything Guide to Remote Work by Jill Duffy has some excellent answers.

The 4-Hour Work Week

This one is so wildly popular, that I had to submit a request to my library’s waitlist for a week before I got the copy even years after its publication.

The 4-Hour Work Week is a bit of a misnomer—you’ll quickly discover that even “passive incomes” aren’t really passive.  But there are certainly ways to find a better work-life balance, decide what’s worth your time and learn to work less/live more.  This is a great introduction on how to do that.

Choose Life:  The Tools, Tricks, and Hacks of Long-Term Family Travelers, Worldschoolers & Digital Nomads

Like so many worldschoolers, the author of Choose Life:  The Tools, Tricks & Hacks of Long-Term Family Travelers, Worldschoolers & Digital Nomads decided the hamster wheel wasn’t for him.

Read it to find out how he got out of the rat race, and how you can, too.

Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth Gilbert's now-classic travel memoir makes our list for books to inspire your family's worldschooling adventure.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s now classic travel memoir, Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia inspired thousands to cast off the chains of conventional American life and seek adventure abroad.

All Points Guide Live Globally, Earn Remotely & Pay Less Tax 

All Points Guide Live Globally, Earn Remotely & Pay Less Tax is a highly practical, yet extremely useful guide for dealing with the financial housekeeping aspect of the digitally nomadic lifestyle.

Specifically addresses US-based worldschoolers and how to maximize your income by taking advantage of the tax benefits of living abroad.

From advice about setting up a remote workflow to inspiring travel memoirs and roadtrip hacks, check out this list of books to jumpstart your family's worldschooling journey.

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